Refocusing Widows

Refocusing Widows is a faith-based ministry initiative under the umbrella of Fresh Hope. We utilize research-supported peer-to-peer support structures, as well as personal coaching, to encourage widows to embrace and move through their grief to a new season of growth and personal accomplishment.

The Longest Winter

The Longest Winter Subscribe to our Blog What I used to think was a winter season in my life, I’ve since learned was merely an overcast January day…not a March blizzard that brings everything to a halt and covers the ground with drifts and piles of snow and ice. I’ve come to understand that “winter” is a relative term, depending on where you live


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Led by Those Who Have Lived Experience!

The Voices of Hope Online Mental Health Conference is bringing together +35 Voices of Hope to speak into your life! – With featured speakers like Kay Warren, Colleen Swindoll, Laura Howe and many more, this conference promises to be amazing!

February 11, 2023

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