Lonely or Alone?

Principle #9: Grief can cause debilitating loneliness. When I focus only on myself and my needs, I believe the lie that no one cares about

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How Do I Fix It?

  Principle #8: Grief has launched me into an unfamiliar world of finances, home maintenance, vehicles, and dozens of daily decisions. To help me negotiate

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Why Am I Here?

Principle #5: Sometimes I feel as though I’ve lost my purpose and direction. I often find myself asking, “What comes next?” During this painful time,

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Reclaiming My Brain!

Principle #3: “Widow Fog” is a real brain chemistry condition that keeps me from thinking clearly. It robs me of my ability to function, and

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Taking Care of Me

Principle #2: Grief can be intense and overwhelming, sometimes manifesting in unexpected sadness, exhaustion, or medical issues resulting from fulltime caregiving. As a part of

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Finding Community

Each of the ten Refocusing Principles speaks to a specific area of being a widow. Although they may seem to overlap, they are each unique

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Led by Those Who Have Lived Experience!

The Voices of Hope Online Mental Health Conference is bringing together +35 Voices of Hope to speak into your life! – With featured speakers like Kay Warren, Colleen Swindoll, Laura Howe and many more, this conference promises to be amazing!

February 11, 2023

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