God’s Eternal Principles – Part 2

Last week we talked about asking God the “Why?” questions. Part of the answer was to keep our eyes focused on the eternal goal – being made into kings and priests who will rule and reign with Him in His ever-increasing, eternal Kingdom. Wow! What a goal!

This week I want to take a quick look at four eternal principles that never change. They are woven throughout everything that God allows to come into our lives – both good and challenging! God never does anything randomly. He has a very specific plan for each of us, and according to Ephesians 2:10 He has already laid out amazing things for us to accomplish, should we choose to discover them and walk with Him.

The first of God’s Eternal Goals is for us to learn to hear His voice clearly. God speaks to us in many ways to help us grow in our ability to recognize His voice. First, and maybe most importantly, He speaks through His written word. There are many verses in the Scriptures that assure us that God has already given us everything we need to understand spiritual life and how to live righteously. He doesn’t really need to say much more!

Having said that, learning to know God’s voice is a process of growing in familiarity. It’s much like talking with a friend on the telephone. The first time you may need to introduce yourself. Then you move to saying, “Hi, this is so-and-so.” After a while, when they answer you can say, “Hi! Are you busy?” and they immediately recognize your voice. Hearing God is like that. We evaluate what we think we hear, and either it proves to be Him or not! Each time we hear more clearly, we become a little more secure.

The second of God’s Eternal Goals is a little more challenging. He wants us to learn to obey what we hear! When God asks us to do something difficult, our first response is generally to resist what we think we’ve heard. We find all kinds of reasons not to obey. (There’s a reason the Israelites were called a “stiff necked people”!) Gradually we learn that obedience brings about the best results for us, so we learn to respond positively much more quickly as we process what God tells us to do.

A good example of this is teaching your child (or your puppy) to STOP! When they’re headed towards the street with cars going by, this could be a lifesaving lesson for them. God wants us to STOP when He says STOP, and to GO when He says GO! Our lives could depend on our obedience one day!

The third Eternal Goal is to grow together in love and unity with Him and with each other. We’re taught in the Scriptures that the world around us will know that our message is true because they will see how we love one another. At His essence, God Is Love. There is no other law in the Kingdom that is greater than this one. If we are to live together for eternity, it’s a great idea for us to begin getting along in harmony while we’re here on this earth and have the chance to practice!

One final Eternal Goal I want to mention is that of growing in our understanding of and ability to worship. He is worthy of glory, honor, power, and dominion. The Name of Jesus is above every other name that can be named! In the book of Revelation, we have several worship services described for us in great detail. Every creature in heaven and redeemed from the earth participates in these grand worship services! We’re even told that the saints sing the new song of redemption that the angels don’t know how to join. For them it must be a bit like going to church and not knowing the songs they’re using for worship. We will sing a song of being redeemed that they have never known.

When we fix our eyes on Jesus, and we look forward to our eternal destiny, the difficulties of life here on planet earth come into perspective. God is redeeming all things and has a wonderful, eternal plan that includes amazing destiny for each one of us.

Maybe you’re still in a place of wondering why so many hard things come into your life. Maybe you’ve even been tempted to give up at times. Be encouraged that God has it all under control, and that He’s just waiting for the assigned days of the earth to run their course before He puts His great plan of redemption into play. Keep your eyes on Jesus and know that He is building you into someone who will rule and reign with Him.

You really only have four things to learn really well: 1.) Hear His voice clearly, 2.) Obey quickly, 3.) Love God and each other, and 4.) Learn to worship Him with your whole being. Keep focusing on these four things, and you will make it through whatever comes into your life.

As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome, or you can email me at sheryl@freshhope.us


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